Polycarbonate Cabinet-576 Port CAN-POLY-160

Canovate polycarbonate outdoor cabinet is a perfect solution for outdoor fiber connection and distribution applications. Special glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate structure makes this
cabinet ideal for cross-connect applications. The structure is the perfect combination of low weight and high mechanical strength, and its functional design gives extra advantages for installation and cable management.



–  Weather-proof outdoor cabinet for cross connect applications

–  IP54 protected

–  Available interior space is 34U

–  Double Front door

–  Hexagonal Locking systems: 3 points , 2 vertical bars, 1 lock

–  Easy to install on a pedestal with bottom cable entries

–  Impact resistant

–  2 pcs Vertical mounting rails

–  Can be mounted side by side


–  16×1:32 Splitter modules

–  2xDistribution splice shelve-288 fiber

–  2×32 fiber Bypass patch panel

–  2xFeeder Splice shelve-48 fiber


Fiber Cross-connect applications, FTTX distribution hubs, Applications for Passive Optical Networks (PON) and Optical AccessNetworks (OAN) as a distribution point to network terminations for hybrid access technology (fiber/copper) as an Optical Node Unit (ONU).



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