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Security Solutions: Critical Steps in Data Center Infrastructure Management

In an era where digitalization is rapidly increasing, and data-driven business processes are becoming widespread, data centers hold a critical importance for enterprises. The security of sensitive data within these centers and the efficient management of infrastructure are of vital importance for business continuity and data security. Therefore, various security solutions have been developed to keep the data center infrastructure secure and well-managed. In this article, we will examine security solutions such as Data Center Infrastructure Management System, Intelligent Lock Access Control System, and FTC Smart Lock.

Data Center Infrastructure Management System:

  • The Data Center Infrastructure Management System includes operational elements such as energy management, temperature monitoring, and air quality control, in addition to physical security.
  • It continuously monitors the status of devices in the infrastructure and sends alerts in case of abnormal conditions.
  • By integrating security measures such as camera surveillance and fire alarms, it enhances the security of the infrastructure.

Intelligent Lock Access Control System:

  • The Intelligent Lock Access Control System is used to manage physical access and enhance security.
  • It provides user authentication and prevents unauthorized access.
  • It is used to restrict, monitor, and report access to different areas or rooms within businesses.

FTC Smart Lock:

  • FTC Smart Lock is a part of the Intelligent Lock Access Control System family.
  • It supports various identity authentication methods such as passwords, RFID cards, and fingerprints.
  • It is used to provide secure and flexible access control.