Outdoor Pre-Terminated Fiber Optical

It is a pre-terminated FTTH cabinet solution that provides faster and more flexible installation. It can also be used to rehabilitate or replace existing FTTH cabinets with minimum downtime and labor costs. This cabinet solution can be customized for different capacities by using pre-terminated ODF modules and snap-in splitter modules of various options.



–  Pre-Terminated weather-proof outdoor cabinet for installation of fiber optical distribution modules

–  IP65 protected

–  Assembly of modular optical building blocks like splice, patch and splitter modules

–  2-compartment construction

–  Integrated patchcord management with bend radien

–  Continuous bend radius limitations

–  Storage option for excess fiber cables on the plinth

–  Provides a secure anchor for incoming loose tube cables within an ODF

–  Suitable for different cable diameters

–  Easy installation and removal

–  Doors are protected from external access through hidden hinges

–  All the profiles with their plates and covering systems are mounted with special designers to give a professional quality that complies with EN60950/EN60364 standards for a continuous electrical grounding

–  Strong stainless steel locking system


– High-Density Fiber Cross Connect applications, FTTX distribution hubs



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