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Power Distribution Units (PDUs): Efficiency and Control in Power Management

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are an essential part of modern technology and data center management. These units enable the efficient distribution and management of electrical energy. PDUs, with various features and functions, support important factors such as energy efficiency, security, and remote monitoring. Here are key headings about Power Distribution Units:

  1. IP-PDU: Remote Monitoring and Control IP-PDUs stand out with their remote monitoring and control capabilities. These units provide the ability to manage power remotely by allowing access over the internet. This enables you to monitor and, when necessary, control power consumption on remotely located data centers or devices.

  2. Protected (Surge-Protected) PDU: Protection Against Power Surges Protected PDUs are equipped with surge protection devices and offer the ability to protect devices against power surges. These types of PDUs are used to minimize damages caused by sudden voltage fluctuations.

  3. Ammeter PDU: Monitoring Energy Consumption Ammeter PDUs feature an ammeter function to monitor real-time energy consumption of connected devices. This allows for increased energy efficiency, the detection of unnecessary consumption, and avoidance of overloads.

  4. Basic Type PDU: Fundamental Power Distribution Basic Type PDUs provide fundamental power distribution. They facilitate device connections by distributing power through multiple outlets. They are typically used to meet basic requirements.

  5. ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch): Ensuring Continuous Power ATS PDUs are connected to two different power feeds with redundant power sources. When there is an interruption in the primary power source, ATS PDUs automatically switch to the backup source, ensuring uninterrupted power.

Power Distribution Units play a crucial role in effectively controlling data center management and energy consumption. IP-PDUs offer remote monitoring capabilities, while protected PDUs protect devices against power surges. Ammeter PDUs monitor energy consumption, basic type PDUs provide fundamental power distribution, and ATS PDUs are used to ensure continuous power supply. These products play a critical role in meeting the energy management requirements of modern technology.