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Fiber Tree System: High-Speed Communication and Reliable Connections

Fiber Tree System is a comprehensive infrastructure designed to meet the rapidly evolving communication needs of today and enable high-speed data transmission. This system accelerates data transfer using fiber optic cables and provides reliable connections. The various components and features of the Fiber Tree System make significant contributions to the communication industry.

Fiber Tree Cable Termination Unit CAN-FTBU-100

This unit is one of the fundamental components of the Fiber Tree System. The cable termination unit is designed for outdoor use and ensures the secure termination and routing of fiber optic cables. Thanks to this unit, high-performance and durable connections are possible even in outdoor environments.

Canovate Outdoor Polycarbonate Fiber Termination Boxes Poly

Polycarbonate fiber termination boxes developed by Canovate are ideal for outdoor use. These boxes are used for terminating, connecting, and protecting fiber optic cables in outdoor settings. They are resistant to weather conditions and provide a secure environment due to the polycarbonate material.

Canovate Can Rst-20

This product is an indoor vertical (riser) cabling fiber termination box. Designed for indoor use, the Can Rst-20 is a product for orderly termination and connection of fiber optic cables.

Indoor Vertical (Riser) Cabling Fiber Termination Boxes CAN-RST-101 and CAN-RST-102

Vertical fiber termination boxes used for indoor cabling are essential components of the Fiber Tree System. CAN-RST-101 and CAN-RST-102 models are preferred to organize and protect indoor fiber connections.

Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Subscriber Box CAN-OTO-101

This product aims to provide fast and easy fiber optic connections for subscribers. Pre-terminated fiber optic subscriber boxes allow users to quickly access communication and internet services at fiber speed.

Fiber Tree Vertical Cabling Box CAN-FTRB-100 and CAN-FTRB-101

Fiber Tree Vertical Cabling Boxes are designed to meet high-density connection requirements. These boxes, used indoors, provide organized and secure fiber optic cable connections.

Fiber Tree Cabling System

The cabling systems offered in various capacities by the Fiber Tree System are optimized to meet large data transfer requirements. The 48 Core (12×4), 48 Core (24×2), and 96 Core (48×2) models accommodate projects of different scales.

The Fiber Tree System is a critical infrastructure designed to meet high-speed communication requirements and provide reliable connections. In this article, we provided information about various products of the Fiber Tree System and their functions. These products play a significant role in the world of communication to accelerate data transfer and ensure security.