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Reliable Connection and Fast Data Transmission

  1. Copper Cables : Copper cabling is one of the main components that enable data transmission. Copper cables offered under standards such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 support data transmission at different speeds. These cables are used as the backbone of the network infrastructure and provide fast and reliable data transfer.

  2. Copper Patch Cords : Copper patch cords refer to short-distance cables that enable quick and reliable connections between devices. These patch cords are commonly used in data centers, network rooms, and office environments. They are an ideal solution for fast data transmission and maintaining organized connections.

  3. Copper Patch Panels : Copper patch panels are components used to organize and manage cable connections. These panels are the points where copper patch cords are connected. Patch panels help route cables in an organized manner, provide easy access, and simplify maintenance procedures.

  4. Copper Keystone Jacks : Copper keystone jacks are connectors used on wall panels and patch panels. These jacks allow the termination of the copper cabling system on walls or patch panels. Keystone jacks, available in various standards, play a crucial role in ensuring fast and reliable connections.

  5. Copper Wall Outlets and Data Outlet Boxes : Copper wall outlets and data outlet boxes refer to connection points used in office or home environments. These outlets are where the copper cabling system connects to user devices. Designed for data transmission, these outlets enable users to establish fast and reliable connections.

  6. Copper RJ45 Connectors : Copper RJ45 connectors are components used for cable termination. These connectors are used at the endpoint where the copper cabling system connects to devices. RJ45 connectors, designed to meet various cable standards, ensure fast and reliable connections.

Copper cabling solutions are designed to meet today’s fast and reliable communication requirements. While copper cabling forms the backbone of business network infrastructure, components such as patch cords, patch panels, keystone jacks, wall outlets, and connectors play a vital role in maintaining organized connections and facilitating data transmission.