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GPON Splitters and Modules: Key Components of Fiber Optic Communication Infrastructure

In today’s world, high-speed internet access and broadband data transmission are essential requirements of communication infrastructure. One of the technologies that provide this infrastructure is GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), which enables high-speed data transmission over fiber optic cables. One of the fundamental components of GPON infrastructure is GPON splitters and modules. In this article, we will explore the definition and features of GPON splitters and modules, shedding light on how this technology works.

Front-Access Splitter Module:

  • These modules, which allow the splitting of the fiber optic signal in multiple directions in GPON networks, are designed especially to facilitate maintenance and replacement operations.
  • They route the optical signal coming from the network entrance to different outputs in specified ratios, thus providing services to different subscribers.
  • They are particularly used in places requiring data centers and communication infrastructure.

Front-Access GPON Splitter Module:

  • Front-access splitter modules used in GPON systems are one of the most critical components of GPON infrastructure.
  • By dividing the fiber optic signal, they provide services to different subscribers, especially for broadband internet access and data transmission.
  • Their openly accessible design allows for easy maintenance and replacement operations.

Splitter Module CAN-RSPLIT-10X:

  • CAN-RSPLIT-10X splitter modules are components that route the optical signal to multiple outputs with a specific splitting ratio.
  • Modules with different splitting ratios are available (e.g., 1:2, 1:4, etc.).
  • They are used to distribute communication signals to multiple devices in fiber optic network systems.

1U 4 X 2:32 Splitter Module CAN-RSPLIT-106-X:

  • This type of splitter modules is designed specifically for rack mounting and occupies 1U in height.
  • With a 2:32 splitting ratio, this module routes the optical signal to multiple outputs.
  • They are used in environments such as data centers or places requiring communication infrastructure.

Mini Type 1xn/2xn PLC Splitter:

  • Mini-type PLC splitter modules save space due to their small size.
  • These modules, available in different splitting ratios, are used to transmit the optical signal to multiple devices.
  • They are preferred for distributing and routing communication signals in fiber optic network systems.

Box Type 1xn/2xn PLC Splitter:

  • Box-type PLC splitter modules route the optical signal to multiple outputs using their integrated optical components.
  • They are used to distribute and route signals in fiber optic communication infrastructure.
  • Different models with various splitting ratios are available.