Microduct Outdoor Cabinet CAN-MDO-101

It is a compact microduct cabinet solution designedto enable the perfect splicing, splitting, and distribution of microduct cables in the smallest footprint possible. Microduct cabinet is designed to enable a professional termination and management of fiber optic terminations and passive optical splitters in PON FTTx networks and for point-to-point (P2P) applications. This cabinet is used as a demarcation point between the feeder network and the distribution network and provides quick and easy incremental installation of distribution cable terminations and fiber optic splitters. It is specifically designed to handle airblown fiber in microducts with unique incoming and outgoing cable management for blown fiber applications. This feature enables incremental fiber blowing to the cabinet and significantly saves costs.



–  Compact solution for micro duct FTTX installations

–  IP65 protected

–  Swing frame for easy access and service

–  Pre-installed micro duct connectors inside the cabinet

–  Enables incremental fiber blowing to the cabinet and bring significant installation cost savings

–  Assembly of modular optical building blocks like splice, patch and splitter modules

–  Suitable for multi-fiber management

–  Provides a secure anchor for incoming loose tube cables within the cabinet

–  Suitable for different cable diameters

–  Easy installation and removal

–  High resistivity against corrosion

–  CNC controlled polyurethane (PUR) gasketing is available for all of the complete openable surfaces of the outdoor to provide an IP55 protection degree, which complies with the EN6O529 standard.

–  Zone 4 protected



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