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Global Technological Product and Solutions
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Our Innovative and Advanced Technology

As Canovate, we owe our position as one of the leading companies in our field to our world-leading R&D and innovation-oriented studies. In this way, we are proud to be one of the top 10 global companies in the world in terms of technology and product portfolio.

Our Solutions

We offer innovative solutions for those who want to be a pioneer in the sector with digital transformation, to shape their services with big data, to establish more efficient data centers, to benefit from the possibilities of the internet of things and for different industry areas...

Our Strength

As Canovate Elektronik, we are breaking new ground in technology with our vision for the future, our solution-oriented perspective and our investments in R&D. Our passionate, knowledgeable and experienced staff, advanced level of expertise and solution partners play a major role in our success.

Our Goal

With our new and integrated solutions, we aim to provide services that include fast, innovative and efficient technologies, and to play a global role with our technology in different industry fields.

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We Identify Needs, We Dream, We Create Technologies!

Technology that determines, transforms and changes the past, present and future of the world is one of the greatest powers of humanity and is advancing at an extraordinary speed! Those who produce technology and innovate shape our world and our lives. Internet of things, industry 4.0 applications, 5G technology, digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence studies leave their mark on the future…

We are one of the top 10 global companies in the world:
We are proud to be one of the top 10 global companies in the world in terms of technology and product portfolio, on the way we have started believing in the power of knowledge, technology and R&D since 1979. We operate in four continents with our modern production facility of 40 thousand square meters, high quality production standards, and a wide product range of more than a thousand for different industrial areas.

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Data Centers

Innovative, original, result-oriented, distinctive products and solutions for different sectors in the field of technology!

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

We produce the future of technology, not the technology of the future.

Structured Cabling

Ideal, integrated, flexible and end-to-end Structured Cabling Solutions are at Canovate Elektronik…

Rack Cabinets

In the developing world, "knowledge" is currently the most valuable asset.

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