Mechanical Sealing Options For Dome Splice Closures

Sealing Kits as an mechanical sealing option for dome type splice closures are long-lasting, maintenance-free, small size and have economical design. They also provide protection against corrosion. It offers the user optimum level of reliability with drop cable sealing kit for round port and sealing kit for round port.


Drop Cable Sealing Kits for Round Port:

–  Round port closing kit BC6-002-M8-6mm

–  Round Port Ø 30 mm

–  Up to 8 drop cables

–  Maximum diameter of cables Ø 6 mm

Mechanical Sealing Kits for Oval Port:

–  Oval port closing kits

–  Up to 2 looped cables

–  Maximum diameter of cables Ø 22 mm



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