CAN-AE-3001 Aerial Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Canovate CAN-AE-3001 Antenna Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure is suitable for outdoor use with its structure that provides easy management of the cable in fiber termination. Its purpose is to maintain connectivity regardless of the size, type, and configuration of the network. It prevents signal loss with its high-level sealing feature.



–  4 ports (2 inputs, 2 outputs) for Ø 10-16 mm cable.

–  16 drop cable connection points (valid for 2×3 mm soft cable).

–  Max. fiber capacity: 48F.

–  Protection class: IP55 protected

–  Installation method: Antenna.

–  18 adapters or splitters can be attached to it.

–  Breathable structure, two-layer system, bottom layer for bonding, top layer for partition and distribution.

–  Structural structure fixed with simple buckle, easy to use.

–  Durable shank type buckle.


–  Antenna fixing kit
–  Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve



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