CAN-IN-6002 In-line Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Canovate CAN-IN-6002 In-line Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure  especially designed for fiber optic cable joints in outdoor environments. It provides long-term reliability and usability, resistance to UV rays and water resistance at ambient temperature. It has easy installation.



–  4 cable ports in total (2 inlet and 2 outlet) Applicable for Ø10 ~ 18 mm cable.

–  Could be installed with 3x24F trays, with max. capacity 72F for single core fiber.

–  Mechanical seal. Protection grade: IP68.

–  Installation method: Aerial, pipe line.

–  Combine the cable fixture plate and strength member fixture device to save more space for cable storage.

–  Cables are sealed by nuts to meet test requirements of cable torque, stretching, pressure, bending.


–  Aerial fixing kit

–  Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve



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