Fiber Tree Riser Box CAN-FTRB-101

Canovate’s CAN-FTRB-101 is designed for network structures where the distribution of optical splitters is outside the central office. It completes the functions of optical cable leading in and fixing, splicing and termination, optical splitter installation management and coiling storage of drop cable, and implements optical splitting and capacity expansion of optical lines.



–  Wall-mounted

–  Plastic and rubber box, pleasing appearance, small size, suitable for multiple requirements

–  Suitable for different adapters (SC/LC etc.)

–  Support connector method of mechanic splice and splice

–  Splitter type: Micro-optical splitter

–  Perfect optical route design to ensure bend radius of fiber

Electrical Characteristics

–  Connector attenuation (insertion, exchange, repetition) ≤0.3dB

–  Return loss: APC≥60dB, UPC≥50dB, PC≥40dB

–  High-voltage protection grounding services:

a) Insulation resistance : ≥1000MΩ/500V (DC)

b) Dielectric strength: ≥3000V (DC)/ 1min, no breakdown and no fly arc.

Mechanical Performance

*  Insertion/withdrawal >1000 times

*  Complete bend radius control, ensuring the bend radius of optical fiber in any position > 30 mm.

*  Flammability: GB5169.7 Experiment A

*  Standard: YD/778


–  FTTX Network, inside plant.



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