Indoor Riser Cable Termination Box CAN-RST-101

Termination box CAN-RST-101 allows to break out fiber from certain riser cable by making a window cut not larger than 70 mm, without interrupting the strength member to connect the drop cable to the riser cable with fiber splices.



–  Indoor use

–  Polycarbonate, UV-Resistant

–  LSZH material

–  24 splices

–  In-line and butt configuration possible for main cable

–  Wrap around cable seals for main cable and drops

–  Not required to cut loop-through fibers from riser cable

–  Drop cables are terminated individually

–  Separate storage of un-connected fibers from spliced drop fibers

–  100% Compatible to Bellcore GR-326 standards

–  Splitters can be installed inside


–  FTTX applications, in building riser cable termination.



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