Modular Outdoor Cabinet

The new concept design is made to accommodate existing radio and transmission telecommunication equipment (Base Band
Units, Radio Remote Units, Distribution Units and subracks ), AC Main Distribution Panel, DC Power Supply Units, Batteries and
Free Cooling climatization units. Due to the modularity of the design you can easily increase the capacity and new functions on
the cabinet.

This cabinet, called MOC, is designed to be ground mounted in the urban environment of cities as an alternative to concrete
based POP buildings.

BTS radio equipment cabinet is designed as an alternative modular solution that can accommodate several 19” racks in a
standard footprint of 60×60 cm as well as microwave modems, power supply, batteries and other technical equipment for
telecom applications.


The Modular Outdoor has the following components:

–  Modular 19” rack systems

–  AC & DC Power Systems

–  Air conditioning with free cooling option

–  Base Band Unit

–  Common Public Radio Interface

–  Ethernet Distribution Framework

–  Fiber Optic

–  Normal Open / Normal Close contacts

–  Optical Distribution Frames for fiber connectivity

–  Power Supply Unit

–  Batteries and battery shelves

–  Remote Radio Unit


The new MOC is a general purpose cabinet to replace existing old cabinets and rehouse existing telecom equipment from
different system suppliers. Therefore, the concept standardizes mechanical, electrical and environmental control interfaces to be able to accommodate
any brand of Radio equipment in a modular way. This means that the MOC consists of three independent basic sections, the Power Division, the Baseband Division and the Remote Radio Units Division.


Remote Radio Unit sections is designed to have 2 separate sections with. Air ventilation physically provided through the holes of the metal frames without any active AC cooling Power and Baseband sections are provided by Air Conditioning solutions placed in front of the front doors for proper cooling of this equipment.


The MOC cabinet has an easy and accessible connection area for incoming and outgoing cables between the three sections. The AC and DC power cables between the Power Section and
the Base Band Section, the DC power cables between the Baseband section and the RRU section, the F.O CPRI cables between the BB section and the BB section, and the RRU section between the RRU section and the RF jumper cables consist of the mains feeders towards the antennas.


All three separate sections have a Main Grounding Copper Bar under each section, allowing for equal potential grounding interconnection. The cable entries are located to the right and left of the three sections. There are additional cable entry plates side by side between the sections.





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