Outdoor DC Power and Battery Cabinet

Compact DC power outdoor cabinet solutions with integrated DIN rail mounting plate, terminal blocks, single-pole circuit breaker, grounding bar, air conditioning for battery cooling, fan for cooling active devices, climate control unit, temperature measurement sensors, lighting, heat-insulated, panel socket and door switch.


Cabinet Air Conditioning

Considering the heat loads arising from the active equipment in the cabinet, the required cooling requirement is calculated according to the climatic conditions in which the cabin will be located. This designed cooling system is located in the most suitable place physically and thermodynamically on the main cabinet body.

Working Principle

Through the control module, temperature measurements are taken from 5 different points to enable the fans to operate parametrically. The air conditioning information is read as an active cooling system and displayed on the interface. These parameters can be both read and modified from both the interface and the network communication protocol.

In the interface below, the fan’s operating percentage, air conditioning-related details, and temperature measurements from 5 different points (1 external location, 4 internal cabin areas) are being displayed. Information regarding the state of the cabin door (open-closed) and the status of the mains power supply (on-off) is collected. Significant alarms that occur within the cabin (high temperature, sensor malfunction) are recorded and stored as logs.



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