Surveillance Cabinet Management System

Canovate’s Surveillance Cabinet protects your valuable and sensitive equipment with its purpose-built, pole-type design. It is resistant to rain, snow, and wind, as well as solar radiation and earthquakes. With its durable, corrosive-resistant structure, it provides effective protection from harsh environmental factors, which is a requirement for your technological investments.

Canovate also offers a surveillance cabinet that complies with the requirements of the MIL-STD-810G military standards.


Isolation on the Surveillance Cabinet:

Due to environmental and regional conditions, using a flame-retardant insulated structure with double-layer and 0.032 W/ thermal conductivity will provide a solution to the extreme temperature gradient at the cabinet.

Air Conditioning inside the Surveillance Cabinet:

The fresh air in the outdoor environment is drawn into the cabinet through filter grids with an engineering infrastructure capable of meeting the IP66 requirements on the cabinet.

The circulation fans ensure air circulation in the cabinet even in the case of high pressure drops related to equipment used in the unit body, and intensive wiring. In addition, it establishes a highly reliable cooling process, lowers the temperature, and prevents heat condensation which can damage the active devices. Also, considering the heat loads that will arise from the active equipment in the cabinet, the required heating requirement is calculated according to the climate conditions where the cabinet will be located. This superbly designed heating system is assembled into the physical and thermodynamically optimal place in cabinet body.

Mechanical, Electrical and Communication Interfaces:

After the internal assembly process is completed, the cabinet can be hung over the pole with specially designed pole assembly kits. Canovate Surveillance cabinet outdoor enclosures are mounted to the pole with a mounting bracket through the channel, preventing the visibility of the connection cable from outside.

Canovate Surveillance cabinets have an excellent grounding system infrastructure with maximum 2.5 milliohm bonding resistance between the cabinet body and equipment.

Our cabinets include equipment that can transmit data, such as status of the door and high temperature inside the cabinet, via an Ethernet interface that also enables remote control of the power of the Video Management System (VMS). All electrical and communication cables enter the cabinet through special glands that are compatible with IP66.

Assembly of Camera:

4 fixed cameras and 2 moving cameras can be installed to Canovate Surveillance Cabinets. Camera connection points are supplied with special leak-proof rubber seals. In addition, there are protection panels against any external damage to protect camera and image.



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