Outdoor Fiber Optical Distribution Hub CAN-DHUB-10X

Canovate high-density fiber optic distribution hub provides intelligent fiber management, high protection against harsh environments in the outdoor backbone systems of Telco`s.



–  Weather-proof outdoor cabinet for installation of fiber optical distribution modules

–  IP65 protected

–  Assembly of modular optical building blocks like splice, patch and splitter modules

–  3 compartment construction (Middle Section for incoming fiber cables and left/right section for splice&patch by ODF modules)

–  Integrated patchcord management with bend radien

–  2mm thick high capacity vertical patch organizers

–  Continuous bend radius limitations

–  Storage option for excess fiber cables on the plinth

–  Provides a secure anchor for incoming loose tube cables within an ODF

–  Suitable for different cable diameters

–  Easy installation and removal

–  Doors are protected from external access through hidden hinges

–  All the profile with its plates and covering systems are mounted with special designers to give a professional quality that complies with EN60950/EN60364 standards for a continuous electrical grounding

–  Strong stainless steel locking system


–  High Density Fiber Cross Connect applications, FTTX distribution hubs.


–  Thermal management with heat exchangers and air conditioning units.

–  MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) : 5 Pcs



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