CAN-DO-2025-X Dome Type SCM Splice Closure

Canovate CAN-DO-2025-X Dome Type Single Circuit Management (SCM) Supplemental Shutdown maintains connectivity regardless of network size, type, and configuration. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and environmental effects. It is suitable for outdoor and underground use. It has IP68 protection level. There are 7 input and output ports in total.



–  IP68

–  Total 7 inlet/outlet ports

–  The closure can use mechanical and heat-shrinkable sealing options. There is one oval-shaped cable port entrance in the base. The oval entrance seals uncut straight-through fiber cable, and the small ports are used for branch and drop cables.

–  Splitter trays and 1:8 Blockless or bare PLC Splitters can be installed.

–  There are different drop cable elements to be chosen (Φ5-Φ9). Max. 24 pcs drop cable input/output

–  The patented sealing structure keeps good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.

–  It could save installation time and improve work efficiency.


–  Underground, Aerial, Vault, Pole Mounting.



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