High Density Swing Type Ephesus Module

The combined splice & patch units have been developed for high density applications. When combining splicing and patching in the same Swing-Out module, one can double the density of the frame. This also increases the Optical Fiber Jumper cable bundles between separate splice and patch modules. The modular adapter plate & number of splice cassettes can be adjusted for your specific application.



–  Modular designed for 19”/ETSI optical distribution frames

–  Swing out splice modules provide max fiber termination possibility with superior cable management

–  The swing type ODF module provides up to 144 port capacity in 3U Height

–  Optical distribution module ensures minimal cable movement

–  Swing out splice modules have a spring loaded locking pin on the right side to prevent accidentally opening of the modules

–  The fiber module is automatically locked at the 90° swing out position

–  You can open the cover plate to access to the patchfield

–  The cable storage unit provides excellent cable storage and routing

–  Up to 6 splice cassettes and holders can be installed to a single splice module

–  Patchcords leave swing out module smoothly run over the radius guide which also provides a fixing point using hook & loop fasteners.


–  Carrier & transmission networks in Central offices of Telco`s Outside cabinet applications, FTTX applications, Utility Networks (WAN&MAN)



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