Swing Type Ephesus Module

The swing type Ephesus Module CAN-EFP-600 was developed for high-density applications and provides a combination of splice & patch unit options. When combining splicing and patching in the same swing-type optical distribution module, the density of the fiber ODF can be doubled. This also increases the optical fiber jumper cable bundles between separate splice and patch modules. The modular adapter plate and number of splice cassettes can be adjusted for your specific application.


Highlights of Swing Type Module:

*  Modular designed for 19”/ETSI optical distribution frames

*  Swing out splice modules provide max fiber termination possibility with superior cable management

*  The swing type ODF module provides up to 144 port capacity in 3U Height

*  Optical distribution module ensures minimal cable movement

*  Swing out splice modules have a spring loaded locking pin on the right side to prevent accidentally opening of the modules

*  The fiber module is automatically locked at the 90° swing out position

*  You can open the cover plate to access to the patchfield

*  The cable storage unit provides excellent cable storage and routing

*  Up to 6 splice cassettes and holders can be installed to a single splice module

*  Patchcords leave swing out module smoothly run over the radius guide which also provides a fixing point using hook & loop fasteners.

Applications of ODF Module:

*  Carrier & transmission networks in Central offices of Telco`s Outside cabinet applications, FTTX applications, Utility Networks (WAN&MAN)

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Technical Details of CAN-EFP-600

Dimensions 508 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 130 mm (H)
Material Mild Steel
Color Powder Coat RAL7035
Ağırlık 5,3 kg / Empty
Maximum Port Capacity 144 Port with LC Duplex


Adapter Type Max. Port Capacity Per Module Max. Port Capacity Per ODF
SC Simplex               72         14×72=1008
SC Duplex               96         14×96=1344
LC Simplex               112          14×112=1568
LC Duplex               144          14×144=2016
ST Simplex               100          14×100=1400
ST Duplex                96          14×96=1344
FC Simplex                100          14×100=1400

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