Ephesus Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

It is an advanced optical distribution frame system which provides an ultimate solution for the complicated requirements of customers like highest possible fiber termination capacity and superior cable management.



–  Standard 19” & ETSI installations

–  ODF system is designed to be used together with high density swing type modules

–  Maximum fiber density and superior cable management

–  Through optical distribution frame, a lot of valuable floor space can be saved and rack costs can be decreased

–  Minimal cable movement while opening and closing the modules

–  No crushed or stressed fibers

–  Wide range of splice, patch and cable storage options

–  Bend radius protection of 35 mm throughout entire frame and all modules

–  Fiber ODF system provides maximum cable protection

–  Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optical fibers

–  2U horizontal cable organizer for carrying patchcords

Density Information

–  14 Modules in 47U Frame

–  144 LC Duplex / Module – 2016 LC Duplex / Frame

–  LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E-2000 interfaces etc available

–  The frames of the ODF are compliant to Telcordia Specification GR-449-core

–  Fully front accessible


–  Fiber Tranmission Networks in Telco`s Central Office applications,.



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