Floor Mounted Telematics & Surveillance Cabinets

Canovate telematics & surveillance cabinets protect your valuable and sensitive equipment for all traffic control, surveillance and signalling applications. Outdoor cabinets are used to house traffic control systems, number plate recognition systems, DRIP systems, camera and matrix boards. It is resistant to rain, snow, wind, sun radiation and earthquake. With its durable structure against to corrosion, it provides effective protection for your valuable assets under harsh environmental conditions, which vital for your technological investments.


–  Automatic climate system options (with remote control): Ventilation, air conditioning, heat exchangers and heaters

–  Double wall construction with non-combustible thermal insulation which ensures minimal thermal conductivity

–  Remote total cabinet management system (TCMS) to control and ensure the most reliable and energy efficient working conditions

–  External walls 1.5-2 mm and anti vandal protection via hidden hinges to protect important telecom equipment , no possibility to open from the outside

–  Protection level IP55 – IP65

–  Material: Aluminum, galvanized steel, aluzinc, stainless steel options


Application Areas

–  Military areas

–  Railways & metro

–  Highway & road control

–  Oil refineries and pipelines

–  LPG & gas terminals

–  Border security

–  Industrial parks



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