Optical Telecommunication Outlet CAN-OTO-101

Canovate’s Optical Telecommunication Outlet (CAN-OTO-101) has been specially designed to simplify the installation of FTTH networks in apartments and offices. The solution is a pre-terminated system which allows technicians to speed up the installation process by eliminating unnecessary splicing work.

The Optical Telecommunication Outlet is pre-terminated with 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 m riser cable options to accommodate the distance between it and the Building Distribution Box (NAP closure). The riser cable is wrapped in a dedicated package to allow for anti-twist unwinding.



*  Fiber Termination outlet with 2 x SC simplex or 2x LC dublex adaptors with shutter to prevent dust ingress

*  Small dimensions: HxWxD 116 x 82 x 24 mm

*  IP40

*  Already pre-wired with 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 meters riser (drop) cable (100% factory tested)

*  Special package for riser cable protection and storage

*  It requires no special equipment (does not require a device for slicing the fibre

*  Includes field installable connectors to enable tool-free connection to the building distribution box (BEP &NAP closure)

*  Assembled with G.657 A2 fiber

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