Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box CAN-OSP-10X

Canovate’s mini Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box (CAN-OSP-10X) provides a unique patch and splicing method with the ability to park excess adaptors for easy installation and operational use by field technicians. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, covering limited space on poles and walls while allowing up to 96 fibers.



–  Small size allows less space on poles and walls

–  IP65 protected against harsh environment

–  Bottom cable inlet and outlet ports with gasketing

–  Accommodates up to 96 fiber terminations with SC Duplex adaptors

–  12×1:8 splitters can be installed

–  Special splice cassette with professional cable storage and protection

–  Adaptor parking area of 42 pcs. for storage purposes


–  FTTX Network, outside plant.



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