Olympos Pull-Out Type Module

CAN-OLM-900 Olympos Pull-Out Type Module provides an ultimate new design with the most advanced splice & patch system and cable management ever developed for high-density applications on the carrier & transmission side.


Highlights of Pull-Out Type Module:

*  4U, 3U, 2U and 1U options for different fiber capacities

*  Modular designed for 19”/ETSI optical distribution frames

*  Telescopic type sliding (pull-out) module system provides easy access

*  Fiber optical distribution module provides max. fiber termination possibility with superior cable management

*  Fiber module provides capacity up to 144 ports

*  Ensures minimal cable movement

*  24 port capacity fiber trays are used inside

*  Incoming and outgoing cables are from the sides for ease of maintenance

*  Inflammable plastic cassettes are used inside the optical distribution module

*  SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E-2000 interfaces etc available

Applications of Pull-Out Type Module:

*  Fiber Transmission Networks in Telco`s Central Office applications , FTTX applications, Fiber exchange systems, Utility Networks

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Technical Spesification

Technical Details of CAN-OLM-900

Material Mild Steel 1.5 mm
Color Powder coat RAL7035

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