Multi Operator MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) Demarcation Box CAN-MDU-10X

This wall mountable modular Multi Dwelling Unit is used in customer premises to connect the OSP Network with the indoor network. This unit is ideal for use as a multi-operator solution within a shared or parallel indoor network. The modular design allows this unit to be vertically stackable with separately lockable sections for splicing and patching.

Through their modular design, these MDU boxes fully meet the stipulation imposed by the telecom regulator body, “mutualization” of the Vertical Riser. It means that various carriers can deploy their own infrastructure as far as the basement of the building, and offer their bundle of services using a building infrastructure that may have been previously deployed by someone else during the initial phase of installation.


This solution is also adaptable to all type of configurations with splicing, splitter and pre-connectorized cable & patching options.
The indoor distribution box is typically used in MDUs to splice incoming Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optical cables into customer premises cables. This Indoor Distribution Box needs to be easily accessible and manageable in size while offering full protection to the splices and patching inside. Both compartments of the box can be locked separately to control access to cable entry, splice and patch functions.


The unit has a modular design with two different module configurations:

–  Customer Module to terminate the vertical cables feeding the premises

–  Operator Module to terminate the external network cables


–  Up to 4 independent units can be stacked vertically for multi operator use

–  Each unit has 2 separate lockable sections with dual swinging doors

–  1 port for uncut cable Ø 10-17.5 mm.

–  Capacity: 6F per tray, could be installed with 8 trays, max. capacity 48F.

–  Protection grade: IP5X.

–  Installation method: Indoor wall-mounting.

–  Could be installed with splitters or 32pcs of adapters.

–  An adapter panel applicable for 32pcs of adapters between the left and right regions. The left region is for inlet and splicing of optical fiber and the right region is public area.


–  FTTX applications as indoor building distribution unit, LAN Networks.



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