Metal Wall Mountable Outdoor Termination Boxes CAN-OUT-10X

The Metal Wall Mountable Outdoor Termination Boxes CAN-OUT-10X is designed for harsh outdoor environments and on poles for FTTX applications.



*  Up to IP65 protected with special gasketing

*  Galvanized Steel or Aluminum

*  6-24 port capacity

*  Special protection tubes and bend radien for protecting the incoming fiber from bending and guiding the fibers to the special designed splice cassettes in a professional way

*  Special splice cassettes of 12 or 24 port capacity with professional cable storage and protection

*  100% Compatible to Bellcore GR-326 standards

*  Confirmity to every type of connectors (ST, SC, FC, LC, MTRJ, E2000, etc.)


*  FTTX applications, Outside of the buildings and poles.

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Dimensions 420 mm (W) x 420 mm (D) x 122 mm (H)
Material Mild Steel
Color Powder coat RAL7035
Weight 5,25 kg

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