LC Patch Cord

Canovate’s LC patch cords are available in different buffer and jacket types and colors, including out diameter (2-3 mm), tight buffers or jacketed minicables in simplex or duplex (zip-cord) constructions.


Application Areas: 

Fiber patch panels and optical distribution boxes, fiber cross connections, fiber optic connections, FTTX applications.

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Part No Type
KSM-x-PCSxyyy-0-LCzzuu-t yyy meter LC-zz/uu Simplex SM Fiber Patch cord, x, t
KSM-x-PCDxyyy-0-LCzzuu-t yyy meter LC-zz/uu Duplex SM Fiber Patch cord, x, t
KMM-x-PCSxyyy-0-LCzzuu-t yyy meter LC-zz/uu Simplex MM Fiber Patch cord, x, t
KMM-x-PCDxyyy-0-LCzzuu-t yyy meter LC-zz/uu Duplex MM Fiber Patch cord, x, t

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