E2000 Pigtails

Canovate pigtails are available with different buffer and jacket types and colors, including bare fibers (250 microns), tight buffers (900 microns) or jacketed mini cables in simplex or duplex (zip-cord) constructions.



Fiber patch panels, splice boxes, optical distribution boxes, fiber optic cable termination, splicing applications.

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Part No Type
KSM-0-PGyyy-0-E209uu-t yyy meter E2000/uu Single Mode Pigtail, 0.9 mm, t
MM-0-PGyyy-0-E209uu-t yyy meter E2000/uu Multi Mode Pigtail, 0.9 mm, t
yyy : Available lengths in meter 0.5/1/1.5/2,3
uu: “AP” APC
t : Available colors (0: White, 1:Beige , 2:Black, 3:Red, 4:Green, 5:Blue, 6:Yellow, 7:Orange)

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