LC Adapter

Canovate’s LC fiber optic adapters are compatible with all fiber types including single-mode (9/125 microns) and multi-mode (50/125 microns) fibers. Canovate components comply with both major industry standards – ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B.3 and IEC 60874 – providing a full range of connectors and adapters, and offering user-friendly solutions in vertical and horizontal environments.


Application Areas: 

Fiber patch panels and optical distribution boxes, FTTX applications, telecommunication systems, test devices.

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Part No Type
KSM-0-ADSX-0-LC-5 LC type FO adapter SM Simplex, Blue
KSM-0-ADDX-0-LC-5 LC type FO adapter SM Duplex, Blue
KMM-0-ADSX-0-LC-1 LC type FO adapter MM Simplex, Beige
KMM-0-ADDX-0-LC-1 LC type FO adapter MM Duplex, Beige

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