Din-rail or Wall Mount Fiber Termination Box CAN-CPE-106

CPE Indoor Fiber Distribution Terminal provides Customer Premises Equipment applications with a compact and secure enclosure for connecting fiber cables within building entrance locations, communications closets, and other indoor environments. It can be used as din-rail.

CAN-CPE-106 is an injection molded design with an integral fiber retention system allowing for quick installation and a positive lock strain relief for most premise fiber cable. A compact din-rail type termination box providing an optical demarcation point for Fiber-to-the-X applications. Mounted on the inside or outside of a building, the optical CPE box provides physical protection for the transition between provider and customer. This device allows for the indoor and protected outdoors interconnect of up to 4 standard SC SX or LC DX adapters in a protected white plastic enclosure to blend in most premise environments.



–  Accommodation of 4 adapters

–  Easy installation

–  Suitable for SC SX and LC DX adapters

–  Easy slick-in cover mounting

–  Hinged and detachable splice cassette.

–  Din-rail type

–  Optical fiber ODF, rack and wall mount fiber optical distribution frame Applications

–  Optical Telecommunication System, LAN, Optical fiber Communication System

–  CATV Networks, Fiber optical transducer

–  Optical fiber broadband access network, FTTH access network



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