Network Access Point (NAP) Closure CAN-NAP-16FK-IP65

CAN-NAP-16FK-IP65 is an outdoor pre-terminated network access point closure (NAP) designed for fast and easy deployment of FTTX networks. It is used to connect distribution network cable to access network drop cables in FTTX networks. This box can support up to 32 optical splice and 16 SC Simplex & 16 LC Duplex adapters, so any connection can be adjusted while the box is closed and without affecting adjacent connectors.



–  IP65 protected with special gasketing

–  Polycarbonate, UV-Resistant

–  16/32 port capacity

–  Special protection tubes and bend radien for protecting the incoming fiber from bending and guiding the fibers to the special designed splice cassettes in a professional way

–  Excess cable storage area

–  100% Compatible to Bellcore GR-326 standards

–  LC Duplex and SC Simplex Adaptors can be installed inside

–  2×1:8 or 1:16 Splitters can be installed inside


–  FTTX applications, Outside of the buildings and poles.



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