Micro Data Center

An emerging trend in data center design is modular Micro Data Center, which provides cost effective, energy efficient data center service with a rapid deployment time frame.

Canovate® Micro Data Center solution is the right and cost effective answer for this increasing demand. Canovate® Micro DC solution is an integrated data center solution that incorporates Racks, UPS , Cooling , Fire Suppression, PDU and Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) in a compact single platform. Remote monitoring feature allows the group headquarters to perform unified management and allows equipment rooms in branches to operate properly even when left unattended.

The Micro Data Center approach also reduces CAPEX dramatically in comparison with traditional brick and mortar DC construction and it will enable your current and future customers to access the cloud easily and benefit from a resilient and fully supported infrastructure.

Benefits of Canovate Micro Data Center

Accelerated Deployment: Deploy turnkey rack-level infrastructure in max 1 hour time.
Lower CAPEX: Significantly lower initial investment and construction cost compared to classical Data Centers.
Increased Energy Efficiency: Dramatically lower your cooling and power OPEX costs
Customizable: Can be customized easily according to your cooling and power requirements.
Significant Energy Savings: You don’t need to cool the entire IT room, just cool the Micro DC. Green IT.
Modular: Additional Micro DC units can be added according to the growth of your IT requirements. Pay-As-You-Grow!
Portable: Micro DC can be installed on wheels making it easy for it to be moved to different locations.
Security: Keeps mission critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 business continuity via integrated fire suppression and EMS systems
Facility Maintenance: The ability to minimize IT infrastructure maintenance to lower overall Data Center maintenance labor costs.
Limited Operation Risk: The complete system is coming as factory tested and ready to install. Plug and Play.
Standardization: Same standard solution in all your branch offices limits risks of human failure and lowers operating & maintenance costs.
No need for skilled IT personnel : You don’t need to maintain IT personal in every location , hundreds of Micro DC’s can be controlled remotely from your Head Quarters.
Affordable by Small Businesses: You don’t need to worry for a complex DC design and installation work.

• Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s)
• Branch offices of financial institutions (Banks, Insurance companies)
• Instant data center
• Branch offices of government institutions and utilities (Police, Army, Schools, Electricity, Water companies etc)
• Companies who wants to connect the cloud instead of investing in a big data center
• Exchange offices & Hubs of Telco’s and GSM companies
• Remote locations where there is no dedicated IT personnelavailable
• Manufacturing companies for automation control and IT services
• Disaster recovery

Server Room Construction Micro Data Center
Initial Costs High Low
Construction Time Long Short
Flexibility Low High
Cooling Efficiency Low High
Scalability Low High


• Micro Plug & Play Data Center including cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, power management and protection
• Stand-alone Data Center
• Eliminates raised floor and external cooling equipment requirements
• Individual rack cooling with from 2 kW up to 4 kW
• High level security with in rack fire protection and monitoring systems
• Advanced power management enabled by IP PDU and UPS systems
• Install Data Center where you want and need it
• Rapid deployment in 4-6 weeks from plan to start-up
• Low total cost of ownership
• Up to 50% space savings
• EMS (Environmental Monitoring System)
• DCIM option
• Fire Detection/Extinguisher System (2U)
• Protection Grade:IP54

Order Information

Height U Outer Width (W) mm Outer Depth (D) mm Outer Height (H) mm (Including Cooling unit) 19” Rails Adjustable Depth Range (c) Cooling Capacity Part No
24U 600 1000 1651 129-729 2 kW CPJ-X-2460A-T2K
24U 600 1000 1651 129-729 4 kW CPJ-X-2460A-T4K
36U 600 1000 2263 129-729 2 kW CPJ-X-3660A-T2K
36U 600 1000 2263 129-729 4 kW CPJ-X-3660A-T4K
42U 600 1000 2529 129-729 4 kW CPJ-X-4260A-T4K

Outer Heights include cooling unit
Height of Cooling Unit: 2 kW : 496 mm, 4 kW : 496 mm

* X : Color code = 7: RAL 7035 (Grey); 9: RAL 9005 (Black)