Micro Data Center Solutions

An emerging trend in data center market is Micro DC, which provide cost-effective, energy-efficient data center services with a rapid deployment time frame. Canovate Micro DC solution is an industry leader for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Canovate Micro DC solutions are an integrated solution that incorporates Racks, UPS, Cooling, Fire Suppression, PDU and EMS in a single, compact platform. Remote monitoring features allow the group headquarters to perform unified management. The Micro DC concept also reduces Cap-Ex dramatically in comparison with traditional brick and mortar DC constructions, and it will enable your current and future customers to access the cloud easily and benefit from a resilient and fully supported infrastructure.



–  Micro Plug & Play Data Center including cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, power management and protection

–  Stand-alone Data Center

–  Eliminates raised floor and external cooling equipment requirements

–  Individual rack cooling with from 2 kW up to 4 kW

–  High level security with in rack fire protection and monitoring systems

–  Advanced power management enabled by IP PDU and UPS systems

–  Install Data Center where you want and need it

–  Rapid deployment in 4-6 weeks from plan to start-up

–  Low total cost of ownership

–  Up to 50% space savings

–  EMS (Environmental Monitoring System)

–  DCIM option


–  UPS

–  Fire Detection/Extinguisher System (3U)

–  Protection Grade: IP54



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