Split Type Micro Data Center Solutions

Canovate Micro DC family makes available “Split Type Micro DC” because of the latest need in the market. Split Micro DC can be located in any room which doesn’t have traditional ventilation system. Consequently, Split Micro DC will not dissipate any heat from condenser by comparing standard Micro DC as Split Type has external outdoor unit of the top cooling system.


The use of a dual circuit outdoor unit kit by Canovate® for Micro DC solutions is particularly advantageous. This kit allows the data center to operate in extremely harsh conditions, enhancing its resilience and ability to withstand environmental challenges. Harsh conditions can include extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and other external factors that may pose a risk to the data center’s operation.

Overall, Canovate®’s approach to offering redundancy and compact design in their Micro DC solutions aligns with the industry’s demand for high availability, reliability, and efficient space utilization in data center operations



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