Data Center Infrastructure Management System

CANDCIM–Data Center Infrastructure Management System

Our Server Management Software puts you in control of a full complement of monitoring technologies. Manage cameras, environmental sensors, access control equipment and every other monitoring resource from your browser, locally or via the Internet.

Our Software automatically recognizes cameras, probes, monitors, sensors, and access control hardware. It’s instantly compatible with hundreds of third-party cameras. Use the quick wizard to configure your preferences and parameters. Set your group policies for Administrators and Limited users and specify access control privileges for physical and logical resources via the Access Control section. Scan your device IP addresses or see them at a glance on multi-layered overlays. Allocate multiple workspaces for monitoring and control, and use the graph and mapping features to illustrate your sensor environment locally or over a remote site installation.


Remote Monitoring with the Apple iPhone

Once the software is installed, there will be an additional user account that can be setup on an Apple iPhone device. It connects you to your server and provides remote access to your workspace.

It makes it easy to monitor video cameras and devices wherever you are in the world, and is perfect for remote Access Control applications. You can control who enters secure rooms – and when. Also, you can check environmental aspects like temperature or humidity. You can get the same comprehensive access to your devices and cameras because of the easy use of the Apple iPhone interface.

Mapping and Entry Notifications

Drag & Drop your doors, sensors, cameras and access control readers – all of your monitoring devices, onto any map of your choice. Monitor an overview, or drill down to a specific device location. Maps showing cities, countries, buildings, and specific rooms are easily combined as a visual representation with a host of preset animations.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The Advanced Reporting feature allows you to output a wide variety of reports unique to your own system and export to a widely accepted .CSV format. Included are a number of popular report types so you can start to use your data effectively, once it has been aggregated.

Our DCM software is also able so send commands either through SNMP traps or directly. It can influence a dry contact output and, as a result, cause a programmed action to be taken. For example, we can put in a sequence that, when the temperature inside the Data Center rises, a dry contact will change status and the connected standby climate unit will start functioning. As soon as the temperature returns to normal levels, the dry contact will return to its original status, letting the climate unit return to standby mode.



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