Ultra Density Hyperspace ODF Module CAN-HYPE-10X

Canovate Hyperspace ODF (CAN-HYPE-10X) is a high-density fiber management system that provides a combination of industry-leading density and professional cable management. The system is designed for versatile applications, including central office, transmission, FTTX, and data center applications.

The Centrix platform supports up to 5,760 LC or 2,880 SC connector ports per standard 2200x900x300 mm frame. The frame design provides optimized routing paths for patch cords, reducing the risk of pileup or entanglement. The modular cassette system provides flexibility, superior accessibility and functionality within a single frame without sacrificing density. Each cassette contains up to either 24 LC or 12 LC connector adapters. Easy port access is possible due to a sliding cassette with a drop-down handle.



–  24F Cassette with LC Duplex adapter

–  19” Rack mount, 2 cassettes each layer

–  6 pcs Independent Trays for 1U 144C LC

–  12 pcs Independent Cassettes for 2U 288C LC

–  24 pcs Independent Cassettes for 4U 576C LC

–  Labelling space available, for visual identification

–  Saves space and footprint through increased port density

–  Easy capacity expansion and operation

–  Light Weight Design (Aluminum)

–  Compliant with EI A / TIA568C standard


–  Data Center installations

–  Telecommunication backbone networks

–  Data Communication networks

–  Ethernet, LAN, MAN and WAN applications



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