3U 19” 14xMTP and MPO Cassette High Density Panel CAN-X-MO-3U

Canovate offers a high density 3U panel system which accommodates 14 MTP® & MPO cassettes. Various adapter types can be offered together with MTP® & MPO cassettes. This design enables modularity and flexibility for the installers and end users during installation phase and daily use. This panel offers a perfect cable management system for incoming trunk cables. It is a perfect solution for high demanding Data Center and dense cabling applications.


Important Points

–  Up to 14 x 24&12 Fiber MTP® & MPO cassettes in 1U

–  Capacity for up to 336 connections

–  Panel Material: Aluminum

–  Easy Access with modular cassette system

–  Integrated fiber management

–  Easy to maintain and extend

–  Multiple adapter options available


–  Data Center installations

–  Telecommunications backbone networks

–  Data Communication networks

–  Ethernet, LAN, MAN and WAN applications



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