Surge Protected Basic PDU

When distributing power to equipment such as servers or similar devices, proactive actions should be taken to eliminate any power fluctuation such as power surges or peaks coming from the Grid or Generator Power Network of devices.



Canovate offers the “Protected PDU” series to eliminate all overvoltage occurance towards a sensitive and also expensive device. The overvoltage protector is included in line with the PDU sockets and being fed by the PDU Input cable. Existing LED lamps will indicate the proper earthing, the health of the protection device itself and also the presence of the Power Input.



Canovate offered Protected PDUs can be used in any industry including the data center market, any 230VAC Telecom application, shops, markets, offices, branch offices, post offices, government building as well as for home usage to connect portable or personal computers. earthing, the fitness of the protection device itself, and also the presence of the power input.



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