Rack-Mounted Modular Online UPS 10-90kVA ( 380V/400V/415V )


The CANRM Series Rack Mounted Modular UPS is scalable, hot-swappable, online double conversion. The power capacity is from 25 to 200kVA/kW, it’s the ideal choice for modern data center.

With the latest IGBT three-level and full DSP control technology, the new CANRM series delivers the best combination of reliability and flexibility.



–  Rack modular design
Modular design, compatible with 19” standard rack
cabinet, convenient to be integrated with servers

–  High power density
10/15kVA power module in 2U height, saving great amount
of space, easy for capacity expansion

–  Integrated solution for data center
UPS can be integrated with battery cabinet, PDU and external maintenance bypass, offering excellent choice for
data center

–  Intelligent charging management
The system intelligently control the whole process of the charging and discharging, effectively improving the life
time of the batteryFlexible configuration
The system based on 10kVA power module can be configured to 3/3, 3/1 and 1/1 without derating

–  Friendly interface
7” touch color LCD with graphic display, more information
displayed and easier for customer to operate

–  Smart sleep function
System can intelligently shutdown some power modules to
increase total load rate, achieving higher efficiency

–  Self-aging mode
Energy internal circle technology, system can run with full
load, saving more than 90% energy



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