Pre-Terminated MTP and MPO Trunk and Fan-Out Cables

Canovate’s pre-terminated MTP & MPO multicore assemblies enable rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in Data Center and telecommunication networks by reducing installation time and cost. They also ease the processes of relocation or reconfiguration.

MTP® & MPO trunk cables can be offered in all fiber types and 12 & 24 core versions, with rugged and secure micro-cable structures. Compact cables enable better cable identification and also improve air flow inside Data Center environments by eliminating unnecessary use of cables.



–  MTP® & MPO to fan-out and MTP® & MPO to MTP® & MPO versions are available

–  12 & 24 core options

–  LC & SC fan-out options

–  SM and Multimode (OM4 & OM3)



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