IP68 Underground Cabinet

Underground cabinet system enables to integrate infrastructure components and cabling invisibly into the urban landscape and protect them. It is an integrated solution which saves installation space and can be installed in areas where you have limited space or don’t have permission to install a classical outdoor cabinet.


–  IP68 protected underground cabinet solution made from 304 Stainless steel against corrosion

–  An aesthetical solution that does not deteriorate city landscape

–  Protects installed components against ingress of water via the well-known “Diving Bell” principle (Boyle’s law)

–  For easy access, the electronic components are installed in a retractable flood-proof cabinet

–  Easy to maintain and service

–  Locked access chamber covers provide protection against vandalism

–  Ideal solution for areas with limited space and installation permit

–  Easy approval process with government and municipalities since the urban or local landscape remains unaltered.



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