Inorax-FDC Double Outbox


–  It is an outdoor cabinet designed to withstand weather conditions for the installation of 19” active equipment and optical distribution modules.

–  There are 9 PG21 cable glands available.

–  The doors are protected from external access with concealed hinges.

–  It has a pair of 19” equipment mounting rails.

–  It features a single-swing front door.

–  To provide IP65 protection according to the EN60529 standard, CNC-controlled polyurethane (PUR) fire-resistant gaskets are present on all openable surfaces of the outdoor environment.

–  It comes with a 2-point butterfly locking system.

–  All connecting elements are made of stainless steel.

–  Metal surfaces have a minimum of 120 microns paint thickness. The powder coating used is non-flammable and non-propagating according to the IEC 60707 standard.

–  Coated with electrostatic RAL 7035 Wrinkle light grey polyester primer and tested for resistance to salt and impact according to ISO 9227 and/or ASTM B 117-85 standards for a minimum of 1000 hours. Test result reports are available.

–  It includes 12mm XPS insulation material.

–  Fan-equipped cabinets include a G3 filter on the front door and a G2 filter in the fan assembly.



–  Double-swing front door.

–  Aluminum – AISI 304 material.

–  4 equipment mounting rails for 19” equipment.

–  3-point locking handle system.



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