Hybrid FTTA Distribution Box

Hybrid FTTA box is a factory-terminated hybrid-riser cable assembly solution which minimises the amount of cables running up the mast. Via hybrid distribution box the multi-fiber/wire cable is split into individual cables which are linked to the Remote Radio Heads (RRH) with shorter jumper cables. The jumpers allow an adaptation to different RRH interfaces and therefore make the solution independent from the system vendor’s hardware. Apart from fiber termination and distribution this solution enables power distribution via integrated circuit breakers and surge protection devices.



–  Ruggedized IP66 outdoor distribution box for fiber connectivity and power supply to the antennas

–  Factory terminated hybrid (fiber&electrical) solution

–  Minimizes the amount of cables running up to the antenna mast

–  Suitable for FTTA and 5G installations

–  Fiber capacity up to 32 ports

–  SC/LC adapters can be installed


– FTTA and 5G applications on poles.



Teklif Al