Duct Type Single Sheathed Fiber Optic Cables

Loose tube designed. Duct type installation for highly reliable industrial applications. Applicable for outdoor and indoor applications, also it’s designed to protect optical fiber for the unexpected mechanical and environmental conditions. Qualification and acceptance testing are performed to assure the optical cable’s performance and durability in several environments.




–  Fiber counts up to 216

–  High tensile strength design

–  Fibers per loose tube 1-12

–  Gel filled cable core for the water resistance

–  Dry core design is also possible for water resistance in customer request

–  Suitable for duct applications

–  Colored fiber for the quick identification

–  UV resistance for the outer Sheath

–  High fiber count to diameter ratio

–  Fully complied with Telcordia GR-20 and TIA/EIA standards

–  Custom designs are available on request


Telecommunication applications. Video applications. Distribution. Long Haul Communication Systems. Metropolitan Communication Systems.




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