Dual Door Wall Mountable Optical Distribution Box CAN-ODB-100

Canovate CAN-ODB-100 optical distribution box provides a flexible fiber management system for transitioning outside plant cable to inside cable and connectorized assemblies in high density applications. It provides a compact and versatile method of splicing and patching from 12 up to 96 f ibers.



–  Indoor wall mountable fiber distribution box for high density applications

–  Dual doors with separate locking options for flexibility and security

–  Very suitable for new and existing inter connect, cross connect and co-location environments

–  Splicing and patching at the same box

–  Modular structure expandable up to 96 splices and patches

–  Modular interchangeable interfaces for all known connector types such as SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC, MU etc. are possible


–  FTTX applications as indoor building distribution unit, LAN Networks.



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