CCTV City Security Systems Control Cabinet

Compact CCTV outdoor cabinet solutions with integrated DIN rail mounting plate, terminal blocks, single pole circuit breaker, earth busbar, air conditioner for battery cooling, Rectifier, DC/DC Converter, Inverter, control unit, temperature measurement sensors, lighting, heat insulated, panel socket, door switch and led light


Cabinet Air Conditioning

Considering the heat loads arising from the active equipment in the cabinet, the required cooling requirement is calculated according to the climatic conditions in which the cabin will be located. This designed cooling system is located in the most suitable place physically and thermodynamically on the main cabinet body.

Working Principle

The system operates over a 230V mains and generator transfer system. The power cabinet feeds the Rectifer and the Inverter in case of energy. Rectifier is used to charge batteries and power all active equipment.

When the input voltage is cut off via the DC/AC Inverter, the loads are fed as 230V. In cases where there is no network or generator, redundancy is provided over the battery.

Thanks to the control module, temperature measurement and alarm control are accomplished and the power cabinet works in a controlled manner. Air conditioning is used as an active cooling system.

Air conditioner and Battery Modbus information is transferred to the main instrument panel via RTU. These parameters can be read from the network communication protocol.



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