Canovate Intelligent Patch Panel System


Technical research shows that almost half of all network problems arise from problems in the physical infrastructure level. Despite of this fact the physical infrastructure is largely overlooked and a lot of problems due to the physical cabling remains despite it can be easily avoided. Without real-time monitoring and visibility into dense physical layer connectivity and related data center infrastructure information, enterprises are vulnerable to a number of risks such as malicious tracing (to steal private information), and avoiding accidental disconnects creating unnecessary downtime which can be easily avoided.



Canovate Intelligent Fiber Patchpanel systems combines both connectivity hardware and monitoring firmware to provide a secure connectivity solution. This solution will enhance security by monitoring for equipment disconnects and cyber security in enterprise and colocation data centers as well as remote Edge Data Center’s . It will alos help to optimize data center operations as enterprises invest on server virtualization and private & cloud computing initiatives.



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