1U/2U Assos Pivot Type ODF Module CAN-ASO-100

Ultimate new design with the most advanced splice & patch system and cable management ever developed for high density applications on carrier & transmission side.




–  1U option for different fiber capacities (2U option is available)

–  Modular designed for 19”/ETSI optical distribution frames

–  Pivot (Swing) type sliding aluminum module system provides easy access

–  Module provide max fiber termination possibility with superior cable management

–  Magnetic lock system ensures easy closing/opening of the unit up to 24 port capacity

–  Ensures minimal cable movement

–  24 port capacity fiber trays are used inside

–  Cable glands are used to protect and fix incoming and outgoing fibers

–  Incoming cable protection tube inside

–  Inflammable plastic cassettes are used inside

–  SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E-2000 interfaces etc available

Density Information

–  1U 24 ports Module: 12 pieces SC/APC Duplex adapters and 24 pieces 1.5 m SC/APC simplex pigtail (confirms G652, G652D standards)

–  2U 48 ports Module: 24 pieces SC/APC Duplex adapters and 48 pieces 1.5 m SC/APC simplex pigtail (confirms G652, G652D standards)


–  Fiber Transmission Networks in Telco`s Central applications, Fiber exchange systems, Utility Networks.



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