Air Cooled Chiller

Cooling data center environments accounts for as much as 50% of their energy costs. Maximizing the efficiency of cooling systems is paramount in controlling operational expenditures and lowering the total cost of ownership. Chillers are efficient refrigeration systems that work together with an air handling system, lowering data centers’ operational costs and increasing their efficiency.

Air cooled chillers work by sending the refrigerant warmed by the air handler in a closed loop to the chiller system. The chiller uses the natural process of evaporation to create a low-pressure refrigerant gas. The compressor “compresses” this gas and sends the refrigerant to the condenser. At the condenser, fans blow against the outside of the unit, removing heat to the outside air. For this reason, air cooled chillers are usually made for outdoor use, though it’s possible to run lines to an outside condenser in an indoor setting.

Canovate’s air-cooled chillers maximize the efficiency of their cooling capacity with gradual-capacity control (25-100%) screw compressors. As demand – and temperatures – in your data center heat up and cool down, our air-cooled chillers handle the fluctuations seamlessly, giving you the cooling you need to keep your systems running safely and efficiently.


Optional shell-and-tube or brazed-plate heat exchangers allow you to further control your operational vs capital expenditures. Shell and tube designs tend to be slightly less efficient – but also tend to have a lower up-front cost. Brazed plate heat exchangers are easier to maintain and service, and can achieve higher efficiencies, but at the cost of a greater up-front expense.

Our air-cooled chillers use an electronic expansion valve to precisely and automatically control the flow of refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser.

From the on-board LCD touchscreen, users can view pressure, heating, and other critical readouts. And the embedded web server gives access to the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our air-cooled chillers are designed for easy installation, maintenance, and repair, and come with integrated protection systems, including:

– Flow Switches

– Soft start drives

– High heat protection

– Freezing temperature protection

– High- and low-current protection

– High- and low-pressure protection

– Vibration protection

Intelligent Solutions for all Applications
– Canovate’s line of air-cooled chillers are appropriate for all manner of data center & IT room environments, including industrial applications.

Suitable for Outdoor Installations
– Canovate air cooled chiller units are designed for outdoor installations. The electronic components within the electrical cabinet are protected in accordance with protection type IP54.

– Canovate’s chiller designs include scroll and screw type compressors, depending on capacity requirements. We also use highly efficient and eco-friendly refrigerants. Our compressors are among the most efficient in the industry.

Green & Environmentally Friendy Solutions
Refrigerant Options: R410A, R407C, R134A
– All Canovate air cooled chillers use environmentally friendly refrigerants that won’t damage the ozone layer. In addition, they have lower global warming potential than conventional refrigerants.

Low Noise
– Canovate air cooled chillers are also available in low-noise versions. Low noise production is achieved through sound insulation of the compressors. Depending on operating conditions, the noise level of the chiller can be reduced by up to 10 dB.

Tandem — Trio installation
– Depending on the size of the chiller, the compressors are installed in tandem or trio combinations.
– Tandem models (2 + 2 compressors): C.A/W160
– Trio models (3 + 3 compressors): C.A/W240, C.A/W480, C.AW600 Dual refrigerant circuit in all types.



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